Cell Phone Revolution

Will cell phones be the next device of gaming?

On vehicles and trains and at the native Starbucks, more and more professional people are staring at their cell phones. But they’re not trying to complete the latest deal! No, the new attention in cell phones is gaming, and everyone is swept up in this trend.

After the achievement of Atari in the 70’s, arcades jumped up and gaming became look as childish or nerdy. After years of continued progression, gaming is now even larger than the movie business. But until recently, normal people fell like they aren’t concerned in wasting their time and were uncomfortable to admit they played. So what’s improved this trend?

Cell Phone Revolution

People are now bounded by computers and technology. With the global cell phone on every hip and in every purse, it is harder and harder to search a time to wind down in lunch and on break. With stress levels growing, it is more important to discharge this stress and come back to work creative and energized.

Not only do cell phones offer a way to play video games, but game creators have gone after business users, creating games that are now smaller and can be played in short bursts, making them perfect for coffee breaks and lunches. A puzzle game can be a inspiring challenge that keeps the brain working. A board game can be a peaceful break that lets you rest your mind. And all of these games can be complete in 5 minutes or less.

So the next times you stand near the water cooler, don’t be shocked if lazy banter and gossip is replaced with battle cries and victory thanks.