In the Cards – the History of Blackjack

Casinos are some of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. According to Red Hawk Casino, one of the favorite card games people play at casinos is blackjack. Back in the frontier days, the Wild West, and the era of riverboat gambling casinos, blackjack was becoming a popular card game. If a person got caught cheating in those days, there was a terrible price to pay.


Blackjack Is The Most Popular Game In The Casino

According to Blackjack Explained, it is an easy game that a person can learn quickly. It’s also a fun game and gives the player a sense of control. Because the player has the opportunity to make some decisions, he or she feels that increases the chance of winning. Is it true? The only certainty is that good decisions probably means the player will lose less often. People study books on how to beat blackjack, but very few succeed. Most people play blackjack because it is really fun, fast moving, and social. People are playing against the dealer and not each other and that builds comradery. The game’s rapid pace prevents anyone from getting bored, because something is always happening.

History Of Blackjack

While the history of blackjack is debated by a number of people, there are some things we do know for certain. Card games in France and Spain were the beginning of the blackjack game that eventually migrated to the United States and received its name. The European version of the game was called “Vingt-un” or 21. There were earlier versions, such as the French version called “Quinze” (15) and the Italian version “Sette e Mezzo,” which means seven and one half. Historians believe the oldest version of the games dates back to the Spanish game “Trente-un” (31). All of these games are believed to have been the beginnings of the game we call blackjack. It is believed the popularity of the game played in Europe was due to the fact it appeared to require a skill that regular games of chance did not. In each of the games, the player had to make a choice on taking a hit or standing. This choice gave the player the feeling the game could be won.

The game still grows in popularity today as players continue to try and beat the odds and wind up winners against the dealer.