What to Look for in a Chess Set

There are just about the same number of distinctive sorts and styles of chess sets as there are chess players. It might be difficult to choose a specific set, yet its moderately simple to limited your decisions down to a specific class. Here’s a gander at the real classes that are accessible all over the place:

Topic Chess Sets

These sorts of chess sets delineate characters, films and occasions. There are topic chess sets for most real games groups with pieces and pawns that look like positions like quarterback and team dancers.


There are whole classifications of toon character chess sets that are ideal for pulling in more youthful people to the amusement. You can even get Civil War or WW II sets and Roman Gladiator and even old West models.

You’ll pay anywhere in the range of $20 to over $2,000 for subject sets relying on the topic and the materials used to make the set. A few sets are made with silver, gold and valuable stones. Pick platinum if you have a lot of cash.

Travel Chess Sets

In case you’re on the go then collapsing travel chess sets are for you. They’re normally attractive to secure against knocks and jars. The pieces and pawns might be put away inside the board when collapsed. You can get a decent one for some place around $20, or an exceptionally fundamental one for $10 or less. You may even discover little ones in the dollar stores!

Wood Chess Sets

Wood is an extraordinary material for chess sets. The pieces, pawns and board could be produced using less extravagant oak, pine or walnut, or you can pick outlandish woods like teak, black, or cocobolo.

Wood sets are noteworthy to take a gander at and the pieces feel robust. In light of the weight, they don’t use sound judgment if you’re searching for a compact set, yet they are radiant increases to your home or office. Wood sets run in the middle of $50 and $5,000. Let your funding be your aide!

Glass Chess Sets

Glass is the bland term used to portray chess sets which are produce using precious stone or bone china. Despitethat these sorts of sets for the most part come in the topic or authority’s classes, you can find customary pieces and pawns also.

Gem pieces have a covered robust feel to them, however china pieces will normally feel a bit light unless they have weighted bases. Albeit wonderful to take a gander at, the pieces will break if dropped and fingerprints can turn into an issue on a few models. They’re tidy authorities as well. Numerous people keep a glass set for “looks” and an alternate sort for real play. Glass sets normal in the $300 to $2,000 territory, however you can pay a ton moreif you need to.

Regardless of what material you pick, there is a chess situated truth is for your taste and plan. As opposed to purchasing a set, consider purchasing the board, pieces and pawns independently. That path, as opposed to winding up with a chess set that is an alternate “me as well”, you can outline one that is extraordinarily yours!